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I'm sure you are here because Instagram is testing your patience as a content creator. You want to succeed in your craft! You're found your niche, gotten the heavy duty equipment for high quality content, but you're not growing. It's so frustrating. I can relate. I've been putting a few things to the test over the last 2 months and I'm here to help! I want to see everyone to succeed in what they love doing. Creating is such an inspiring a free outlet to be able to do. You dream of doing it as a career, but this algorithm stuff is just making the dream feel even further out of your reach. 


The time you post actually matters. Think about it! When are you on your phone mostly? Instagram has given the content creator and business accounts a feature where you can see your audience's demographics. Place, Gender, and even time they are active. This has helped me post at a better time. Think about it, in today's world, around 80% of smartphone users check their phones before getting out of bed in the mornings!  Yes, I'm guilty of this. If I'm wanting to post in the morning, I try to post around 8 AM - 9 AM. I get the most activity when I post between those time rather than putting up a post 10 AM - 11A M. If we're talking about the afternoon, My posting time for my account is very wide. Around 4 hours. In the screenshots provided,  you can see my most active days, and hours. In the afternoon's, I have the most activity between 2 PM - 6 PM. 


DO NOT USED ALL 30 HASHTAGS! Do not copy and paste the same hashtags to the same posts you posts everyday. Instagram will think it's a type of SPAM. Try only using 5-10 hashtags at the most. Make the related to the image as well. Instagram detects so many things now. There isn't really a 'beat the system' hack to Instagram. Engagement groups are huge NO. Do not get your likes/comments from these groups. If you haven't heard of engagement groups on Instagram, let me educate you. Each member lets the group know when they've published a new post to Instagram. This is usually done through a group Instagram DM. Then, each member of the group must like and/or comment on that person's post as soon as they can. Instagram KNOWS! Be careful doing this because Instagram has been cracking down on engagement groups lately. Not to say yours will be noticed, just that Instagram knows about these things and have been banning accounts that use these tactics. It's not that "safe" anymore.


Instagram is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. Do not, i repeat, do not just post and leave. before I post I gas up people in their comments. Then I post and they return the love. I genuinely love gassing up people's comments in general, but gas the up and they will support you back. Be social and make friends, send them a DM. BRAND DO NOT LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF FOLLOWER YOU HAVE OR THE NUMBER OF LIKES. They look at the Engagment Rate! An engagement rate on Instagram between 1% and 3% is generally good, it is the average we see on an influencer's profile. I need to be better at this myself, I'm a very antisocial, introverted person to begin with, but I have made some good friends and I'm getting better at not putting myself in a corner. Here's a tip, take about 30 minutes to an hour a day commenting on the people's posts that you follow. They will eventually appreciate you coming and showing love and they will do the same for you. 


Buying followers and like is a big N-O! They may say 'authentic followers' for this amount of money, but if you buy those followers, they aren't going to engage with your content. This makes the glorious engagement rate drop tremendously. This is why brands don't look at followers and likes when they are looking for someone to sponsor. That engagement rate is where they are going to make their money. Likes as well. If you buy likes for a post that is going to effect your impressions on your profile. Future posts won't get the number of likes if you don't continue to buy likes and that makes your page look like it's failing. Don't fall for the fake 'get followers fast' route. Build an authentic following overtime. It'll be so worth it in the end! You'll make more friends, have more fun on social media and be able to have more opportunities than you will ever imagine! Being authentic is valued in the influencer world. People KNOW when you aren't building you content the correct way. Then they think you're 'fake' and then they won't engage and your engagement rate drops EVEN MORE. 


Instagram has recently put IG Stories on the Explore Page. They are trying to get more people on the bandwagon and using all the features of their app. People visit my profile from my Instagram stories when I'm consistent with IG Stories. They are mainly looking at promoting stories using the poll sticker feature right now that I am noticing. They are also promoting IGTV and I heard around that soon IG will be monetizing IGTV!! RIGHT! Get on your IGTV game ASAP.  


Make sure your posts are a not the same thing. Make sure each post has a different character to them. If you want to do an themed profile, Pinterest has tons of pins that will help you with that. Themed profiles are not for me. Photos have a shorter life on Instagram then Videos. My mini tutorials usually end up on the Explore Page. The people love visuals but they fall in love with animated visuals. Instagram caters to videos in the 4:5 dimension though. They do not like horizontal videos. Either to the square or crop your video to 4:5. I use the App, Video Crop. How often you should post? I would say post minimum 3 times a week. What I would do is get content ready so you can post Monday-Friday. Treat it like a job, but have fun with it. People notice consistency and Instagram notices consistency as well. The more you post, the more chances you have to be noticed by new people and new brands. I wouldn't post more than one post a day though. That can annoy people and Instagram ends up hiding one of your posts. NOT GOOD. 

I really hope this helps you. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post or DM me on my social media platforms and I'll definitely be of assistance. 

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