My Adult Tonsillectomy Experience (WITH PHOTOS)

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Hey there, I hope you're doing well today. I know that you're here either because you're going to get a Tonsillectomy or just did and are struggling. I feel you completely. For adults, I'm sure you have heard, a Tonsillectomy can be risky. Don't be scared by this, that will make it all even worse inside your already panicking mind. 

What led up to my Tonsillectomy?

Before my Tonsillectomy, I was severely ill. I had strep 6-7 times. I had high fever of 101-103. I had to  be on constant antibiotics and steroids which made me so sick and gained weight like crazy. I was having to be so careful about being sick. I had tonsil stones which had to be popped ever 2-3 months, nasty. I just could not enjoy life at all. The constant Chronic Tonsillitis and Strep Throat would make my bronchitis act up, which made my Asthma act up, which made my allergies act up. It was mostly all linked to those two little glands in my throat.  So I dealt with being sick like this for about a year and a half. Trust me, it sucked. My life wasn't going like I wanted it to, so this just made it all worse, which led to frustration and depression. So, if you are going through all of this, or at least some of it, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. 

What do you need before you go into surgery?

Everyone's body is different, so comfort measures are going to differ person to person. I'm just going to share comfort measures I craved and that helped. 

  • ICE: I went through probably about 30 pounds of ice.... IT HELPS SO MUCH!!  Try to invest in an ice pack that can comfortable wrap around your neck ear to ear. I would not recommend something that hardens. I love using actual ice. The hospital provided me with one that fit so perfect. It was about a foot long and covered my whole throat. I would ask for two of these just in case your get a hole in one. 
  • POPSICLES: I would get Italian ice Popsicles. I have linked that ones that worked for me. In order to stay hydrated, you aren't going to be able to swallow something without substance and shape to it. I wasn't able to swallow water without choking/hurting for the first week. Popsicles are definitely how I remained hydrated.
  • GUM: Let me tell you. Keep some peppermint gum around. Even if you can't even chew. The taste is SO bad and you won't be able to open your mouth to brush your teeth for the first 2-3 days. Your tongue will be too swollen and sore to even more. Gum is your bestie. 
  • TALKING: I used a text to talk app to communicate with my mom. Definitely helped. Don;t talk for he first 3 days. IT WILL HURT !!! 
  • PAIN MEDS: Request liquid medications. They gave me pills after they gave me CHILDREN'S liquid meds that would not do ANYTHING. Note: I was 24 at the time and they gave me children bc of my size, but this pain needed adults meds, but definitely go the liquid route. 
  • BENADRYL: You will not be able to sleep without assistance. I have bad allergies o I just took Benadryl literally every time I woke up. I slept for about 4-6 hours at a time so it worked out. Keep a sleeping medication that works for you on hand. BUT Benadryl also helps with headaches, so try Benadryl. 
  • FOODS I COULD EAT: Easy Mac, Scrambled Eggs, Plain Pasta. This was my diet for a month. I would choke on mostly anything that wasn't a solid and It would hurt to eat something too solid. Find that happy medium.
Unexpected Symptoms

I wish they would have told me when I was conscious that I would spit up a ton of blood and scabbing. Also, your ears hurt the worse and when it finally starts to heal... the itching is so annoying. I wouldn't try to eat solids for a solid two - three weeks; no pun intended. I was really restless and I wish I would have started taking Benadryl sooner, but i did not sleep for a week straight. Maybe they did tell me this, after surgery, when I was all types of drugged up, but I wish this was relayed to me before I was put under. Waking up from surgery was smooth. I think this depends on how your procedure goes. I was not nervous at all before the surgery, the doctors were very comforting. They did give me something to really make sure I'm calm 10 minute before going back. Then I was out like a light. Waking up, my mom said I was very swollen and silent crying. I remember being SUPER thirsty. I tried water, but couldn't do it then spit up blood. I tried a Popsicle, couldn't get the tiniest of a bite down. you're going to salivate a ton and you're going to just want to spit it out, but don't. Make sure you are constantly swallowing your saliva. It will help with teaching your throat how to swallow again.  


You need to have positive people around you during the healing process. I found it to be more so mental than physical. You have be be strong and determine to heal, determined to get through the pain. It's not fun at all. The most painful days were he following two days after surgery. Then it got better. Then about Day 7, it was bad, probably the worst. Then my next worst day was day 16 or 17. I had surgery 2/19 and went back to work 3/2. the doctor was iffy, and i really believe this was too soon bc I do talk on the phones and my throat did not like all the talking. So if I did differently, I would have waiting one more week and not pushed to go back to work asap. 



 DAY 3




DAY 10

DAY 11

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