Review: Maybelline Matte + Poreless Fit Me! Liquid Foundation

6:18 PM

So, hints the title, today we'll be talking about Maybelline Matte + Poreless Fit Me! Liquid Foundation! If you're looking for a great inexpensive foundation for oily skin, this is the one.

I myself have extremely oily skin, and it's so bad it gets to where it's unmanageable when I where makeup. I've always struggled with this issue. But I heard about this and I tried it out. It retails for $6-$8 so why not just try it out?

I purchased it from my local Target, and immediately went home and did some makeup and went to work. I work at Dollar General, and our building is so hot (plus it's Florida, so it's extremely humid.) I wore it the whole 7 hour shift and I was amazed! No oily 'T-Zone.' No separation. No caking. NOTHING. I had flawless skin thru the whole shift and I was sweating and moving around. I've worn this foundation from like 9 AM til 1 or 2 AM just on the go and the only touch up you'll need after that 8 hour mark it blotting with some blotting paper, and much oil doesn't even seep through the foundation.

A few tips for this foundation:

1.) Apply with a Beauty Blender or other cosmetic sponge. This foundation does not apply well with a brush (at least for me.) Brushes leave tons of streaks on my skin when I use a brush.

2.) A little goes a long way. Only work area by area around your face. It sets REALLY fast & it tends to cake if you go in with too much. I suggest starting with the perimeter of your face and lighting add product to cover imperfections; again, using a sponge. Work your way to your T-Zone. As less product is on your cosmetics tool, start covering your nose and mouth area to avoid caking.

3.) Setting with powder: I DO NOT SET THIS FOUNDATION WITH POWDER. When I do my under eye area, I use barely any foundation and just save that area for strictly concealer so I can 'bake' to avoid creasing. This foundation sets on my skin like a powder has already been applied, but it's still natural and looks like skin. So adding powder on top would definitely make caking a bigger risk. If you do want to set with powder, go as light handed as your possibly can.

Coverage: Medium-Full
Price: $6-$8
Finish: Satin/Matte
Skin Type Usage: Normal to Oily
Shades: 16
My Shade: 228
Benefits: Erases pores and fine lines, adjusts to match perfect skin ton, Oil-free, Controls oils

Thank you for stopping by and learning about my FAVORITE foundation. Desi Perkins uses this also! So you know it has to be something great! They also have a Dewy + Smooth for Normal to Dry Skin.

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